Saturday, 3 September 2011


Haha,i going to learn to make cookies:D
Search many videos from youtube=.=
But,is so hard to make lo,LOL!!!x)
Who can be my白老鼠?xD

 Haha,monday jessec going makes some sushi for us!Hope it taste nice=D
This holiday only GAME GAME GAME=.=
And i forget PMR and JUEC is coming,OMG.....!!!!!No study at all!>,<
Everyday Facebook,Sudden attack,Dota~=.=
I think i should stop it,if not i really will留级!!

Miss her badly in this holiday,she had sick in this holiday for long time. Fever,cough,喉咙发炎,so worried her.And many things was happen on her,家事,友谊...Cheer la>,<
Lucky,you no fever le,but still got a little bit cough,fast fast recover also ya,Wait the chattime and Snowflake near our school open,i bring you go eat. I promise:D
And i will bring you go whatever beach u wan to go,when u recover^_^

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